25-03-10: ‘Sickening Love’

Didn’t have much time this week, so all that got done was making some sense of the ‘Sickening Love‘ vocals. There are a number of takes, and it takes us about an hour to decide which are the best verses, choruses, etc, and get the volume levels all the same.

This song is surely not far from being finished. Which will be the first finished Mink15 track.


13-03-10: New Microphones

For some reason, I have decided to change the microphone Ash sings into. It might be an improvement, it might not.

For all recording so far, we’ve been using a ADK A-51, a large condenser mic, but I wonder if my Samson C01 might be better. My brother’s band Dice Society have been using one of these since they borrowed mine and liked it. Not long after I bought the ADK – it never hurts to have a spare mic – and haven’t used the Samson since.

Ash isn’t keen on the middle-eight I wrote for ‘Demolition‘; the melody doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the tune. We decide the song doesn’t need a middle eight after all.

Next: ‘Sickening Love‘. Some of the song needs to be re-done, so we get a few spare versions of Ash singing each section. Later, we can piece together the optimum vocal performance.

March 2010: Progress

This musical project is going so well. We already have 4 or 5 songs to work on that seem really good.

The most promising so far is a reggae-flavoured tune called ‘Demolition’, and a dark chaotic song called either ‘Flash Forward‘ or ‘Gone.. and back‘. One of these is also the name of a new sci-fi show, so maybe we’ll go with the second.

Ash and Rob have not yet met each other. I am slightly worried about that.