Myspace page now here.. calm down now

right, we’ve now got a Myspace Page, which really should have been one of the first things. Oh well. Since my prefered name has gone, we had .



Moth in my ear

Working on a newish song called ‘Moth’ or ‘Moth(in my ear)’ or some variation on that. The lyrics are slightly warped, which is how I like them. 

The guide-vocals were recorded weeks ago, but the track was embryonic at the time. Now need to get the track sounding a bit more structured, so we can get some final vocals down.

Instrumental mini-album?

There are loads of tracks knocking around, doing nothing. Why not finish them, as an instrumental mini-album or whatever? I seem to have my music mojo back now, so this energy might as well go somewhere, eh?

When I say ‘loads‘, I mean over 20. This is going to keep me busy.

18-04-2010: Problem Fixed, But Not Explained

I found how to stop the weird record/playback lag thing where the track is playing half a second out of sync, even though the waveform would appear to be in the right place.

At some point yesterday, I turned the soundcard latency up to 75milliseconds. I think we were getting nasty clicks and pops, the kind you get when running at really low latency. And I’m pretty sure that it all started after that.

I tried doing a bit of recording this evening, just to see if the problem persisted. It did. A bit of fiddling later and everything was all synced up, and any timing issues were entirely the fault of the guitarist…

Anyway, we have a new ‘acoustic’ version of ‘Sickening Love‘. It may surface as a B-side or somewhere. Assuming Ash likes it.