Loud Guitars!

Things have been going well with the recording. Now the vocals are finished, we must complete the music for ‘Birdy and Salvo‘ – our next single? – and this is going to require guitars. Loud ones.

This might be us thrown out of the Guild of Triphop, if all goes to plan. We were never really Triphop anyway. This is practically rock. With Triphop bits inbetween the rock bits.


Oh, and we’ll be doing a video for ‘Sickening Love‘, too, except this will be a live acoustic performance. Which isn’t very Triphop, is it?


‘Moth In My Ear’ – preview of new single


Our latest single – out next week – but you can hear it now on the player widget above.

It will be on Amazon and Emusic to download by next weekend, iTunes in a couple of weeks, and Napster sometime inbetween that.

Let us know what you think.