How Loud can you go?


How loud do we want this? I’m worried now that it’s not loud enough. For reference, I was using ‘Protection‘ by Massive Attack, and the Mink15 album was the same volume as that, if not louder. But Protection the album is getting on a bit now, and compared to the new Gorrillaz album (for example) it’s barely audible. The problem is I can only make the album louder by reducing the dynamic range of the music, ie, the distance between the quiet bits and the loud bits. And the more that happens, the more squashed it sounds. Which I would like very much to avoid.

The obvious way to get around this is to pay hundreds, thousands, of pounds and have it mastered ‘properly’ by people with years of experience and some very expensive gear. Which the band can simply not afford to do.


Rip it up and start again…


Most of the changes made to the album turned out to be misguided at best, so a re-tweakingness must occur, tracks that were moved must now be unmoved, and 2 tracks resized to fit. And we were getting so close…

Version 3… with added penguin


Just finished what I hope will be the finished album mix/master/thing (this is version 3).

I’m freezing to death here in my studio-cum-bedroom – the combi boiler died 3 days ago, and still not fixed – so concentrating on the album has diverted my attention from my blue extremities.

At this late stage, we have moved one track from the end to somewhere roughly in the middle of the album,  and it makes a hell of a difference.