We’ve decided that we’re not happy with the mixes, so we are doing them again! should take about a week to complete the tweaking…

…and then we’ll be working on making some CDs 


New Mink Music – at last!

We can now reveal that we have new music out on 2nd of April 2012. It is called Pebble Beach, and it looks like this:


The songs are:

Coco Come Home
I Love You But I Can’t Stand Your Breath
What The People Say
Average Life
Kitten Autopsy
Pebble Beach

(We’ve sorry it took so long, please forgive us)

Now on CDbaby (new widget)

WE’ve been on CDbaby for a whiel now, but I’ve just started playing with the widget thing – as seen below. Feel free to add it to your own blog or something, if you feel that way inclined, we’d probably be quite grateful.