New song – ‘Kitten Autopsy’

Mink15 have gone acoustic – and this is the second of our new songs ‘Kitten Autopsy’, which actually started life as an electronic song but was re-worked in an acoustic style because it sounded, frankly, crap. It’s much better now.


‘Coco Come Home’ – our new direction

Mink15 have gone acoustic – just for a bit – and this is our first tune ‘Coco Come Home’. We hope you like it. Normal, electronica, service will be resumed later in the year.

Now on CDbaby (new widget)

WE’ve been on CDbaby for a whiel now, but I’ve just started playing with the widget thing – as seen below. Feel free to add it to your own blog or something, if you feel that way inclined, we’d probably be quite grateful.

Mink15 On Pixieguts Album

The Mink15 remix of ‘Currawong Fall‘ by Crimson death and Pixieguts  is out now on the new Pixieguts album ‘i sand‘, which can be downloaded for whatever price you think reasonable, or even nothing.


You can hear the whole album on the widget below, or if that doesn’t show up you can go to and hear the music there.


I Sand by Pixieguts

‘If This Is Love’ – a new song

A new Mink song – this is ‘If This Is Love’, a cover of a song by Gavin Clark (from Sunhouse). This was originally featured somewhere in the background in the Shane Meadows film ‘Room for Romeo Brass’. We like it so much we decided to do our own version.