Here It Is – ‘Pebble Beach’

Here is our new acoustic mini-album ‘Pebble Beach’ – listen on the widget below

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Loud Guitars!

Things have been going well with the recording. Now the vocals are finished, we must complete the music for ‘Birdy and Salvo‘ – our next single? – and this is going to require guitars. Loud ones.

This might be us thrown out of the Guild of Triphop, if all goes to plan. We were never really Triphop anyway. This is practically rock. With Triphop bits inbetween the rock bits.


Oh, and we’ll be doing a video for ‘Sickening Love‘, too, except this will be a live acoustic performance. Which isn’t very Triphop, is it?

18-04-2010: Problem Fixed, But Not Explained

I found how to stop the weird record/playback lag thing where the track is playing half a second out of sync, even though the waveform would appear to be in the right place.

At some point yesterday, I turned the soundcard latency up to 75milliseconds. I think we were getting nasty clicks and pops, the kind you get when running at really low latency. And I’m pretty sure that it all started after that.

I tried doing a bit of recording this evening, just to see if the problem persisted. It did. A bit of fiddling later and everything was all synced up, and any timing issues were entirely the fault of the guitarist…

Anyway, we have a new ‘acoustic’ version of ‘Sickening Love‘. It may surface as a B-side or somewhere. Assuming Ash likes it.

05-04-10: New songs, Tribute Bands…

We made progress today. Some weeks we don’t get as much done as we’d like, this wasn’t one of those.

A couple of the backing tracks I sent Ash in the past couple of weeks have been transformed into songs.

1. ‘My Neighbours‘ – previously known as ‘Shattered‘, an everyday tale of noisy, fighting neighbours, set to an almost Tom Waits-style slouching groove (think ‘Shore Leave’). The intro is far too long and meandering, and needs to be drastically pruned.
2. ‘My Treachery‘ – PKA ‘Discreet Beat Dirt‘, a typical Mink15 style track in that it has distorted Wurlitzer electric piano and double bass. The drums are a understated brushed-kit groove, a little too understated to be honest. They need beefing up.

We only have guide vocals so far, but these 2 are really showing promise.

Also this week:

A fresh attempt at ‘Beautiful‘. It has tricky phrasing in the verses, so we had about 5 or 6 complete takes. We have binned 3 of them. The others I think I can comp into shape over the next week.
Sickening Love‘ is now back to the shorter version, after we tried having a double chorus to finish with. It doesn’t add anything. The mess where the middle-eight used to be is getting on my nerves, I need to sort that out.

Ash (jokingly?) suggested we do acoustic versions of the songs to play to our friends, so I busked a version of ‘Sickening Love‘ which sounded surprisingly OK. I think I’ll record it. I could be an acoustic Mink15 tribute band… Mink16.