‘Peppermint’ – out now!

It is – finally – here. The new single ‘Peppermint’ can be listened on the widget below (or here if the widget doesn’t work for you). ┬áThis just got played on BBC local radio, too. We only uploaded it this afternoon.


Mink15 On Pixieguts Album

The Mink15 remix of ‘Currawong Fall‘ by Crimson death and Pixieguts  is out now on the new Pixieguts album ‘i sand‘, which can be downloaded for whatever price you think reasonable, or even nothing.


You can hear the whole album on the widget below, or if that doesn’t show up you can go to http://pixieguts.bandcamp.com/album/i-sand and hear the music there.


I Sand by Pixieguts

09-02-10: Middle Eight

I have written a middle eight section for ‘Demolition‘ (based on lyrics by Ash), and sent it to Ash. I think the song might need something different going on in the middle, and I’m not convinced that a guitar solo is the way to go.

Confusingly, the middle eight is played on acoustic guitar. The track is reggae-flavoured electronic down-tempo. If we decide to use this middle eight, it could be quite tricky to get the groove to sound right.