‘Peppermint’ – out now!

It is – finally – here. The new single ‘Peppermint’ can be listened on the widget below (or here if the widget doesn’t work for you). ┬áThis just got played on BBC local radio, too. We only uploaded it this afternoon.


‘Pocket Sized’, Pixieguts

Been working on a new track based on some groovy hand-drum samples off the Future Music DVD. It’s sounding vaguely middle-eastern, but not enough for it to sound gimmicky. There is a great bass drum thud, loads of reverb.

Not sure if we’re going to use this for anything, to be honest.

We’ve started a Myspace page, and only have 2 friends so far – Cotterill & Kearns (which doesn’t count, as I am the Cotterill in that, so am basically my own friend), and Pixieguts, who is a triphop vocalist from Australia who Ash found on Bandcamp. She is a seriously good singer. Go listen.

Maybe we ought to spend more time on Myspace.